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Here is a listing of one of the best choices (according to Fred Ampel) for many large venue applications - the column or veritcal steered array type loudspeaker. These architecturally consealable, compact devices can provide extremely even coverage from a small footprint, and in larger spaces can be set in delayed rings or sectors to smoothly cover the entire audience without taking up very much real-estate or requiring large amounts of power.


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In this Advantage Series resource, we examine how the iPad and other iDevices forever changed the landscape of multiroom audio systems.



Industry veterans Jeffrey A. Boccaccio and Derek R. Flickinger have joined forces to create the most practical guide to HDMI ever compiled.


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When installing a church audio system, integrators need to be mindful of physical limitations of the church and potential audio distractions that could negatively impact the service...


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In this advantage series from CE Pro, we present 15 characteristics that you should consider before making a decision about which solution is right for you and your clients.


In this Advantage Series on the “Road to Better Audio,” we’ll take you into a deeper discussion of why Blu-ray matters as much sonically as it does visually; why listening rooms are as important as the listening devices within them; why digital music files don’t have to sound dreadful; and why one professional sound engineer is optimistic about the future of audio.


Download this TechDecision Guide to 18 line array speakers for large churches!


There are hundreds of speaker manufacturers, but only a select few that produce line array speaker systems. Here are a few that have been recommended as worthy mentions.



 Download this guide to buying a podium or lectern microphone.  Plus a list of crucial factors to evaluate before you buy